My 2013 Flames of War European Grand Tournament army – Führer Panzerfüsilierkompanie.
I think I scored quite well with this army. I was 10th (or 11th, depends on which chart to believe…) in the results, so there was a definate improvement from 2012! I believe I shared the score with the dude who took the prize for being the best German player. Not bad!
Painting this army took about 5 months. As I was at first unsure about which units to take I painted a few extra platoons (Panzer IV/70A’s, Another platoon of StuH42’s and some Panthers). I submitted one of the IV/70A’s to the Iron Cross painting competition and won Best Tank with it. Not a total loss, there.
There are two main themes in this army’s paint job: hard edged three-colour scheme and snow. I wanted this army to match visually with my last year’s KG Peiper army, as I have a plan to paint a humongous Battle of the Bulge -themed force. Hence the snow.
First I had to learn how to paint hard edge camo using an airbrush. Some hours of googling and youtubing later I bought a can of Panzer Putty to use as masking stuff. I must say, painting hard edge for this scale is rather tedious and nerve wracking, but I really, really like the results.
I painted all the vehicles in the same colour scheme, except the Panzer IV’s. I was running late on my schedule, so I decided to skip the green color with them. It doesn’t really stick out from the bunch, so no harm done there, in my opinion.
I believe it would have been more realistic and historically accurate to paint various vehicles with slightly different camo’s, but in my experience it does not look that good on the table. Therefore, I chose to go with a more uniform look.
It took forever to paint the infantry, as many of the troops are wearing camo suits. I tried to cheat as much as I could by paintingabout a third of troopers showing the “snowy side” of their uniforms Also, about a third of the troops are wearing a greatcoat, so that helped, too.
I am a firm believer in the theory, that the 1/100 scale infantry miniatures are all about the base. Therefore, it really is worth giving the bases extra attention. To be honest, no matter how well the actual soldiers are painted, they still look like colorless and shapeless tiny blobs at the gaming/viewing range.
As it happened, I still had a bag of Kerr&King bases lying around, and I decided to put them to good use. I used the very well sculpted miniatures from the Volksgrenadier box for the füsiliers. I modified the bases quite a bit with extra tiles, bricks and such… and then covered them all up with snow. Makes sense, aye?
In the end I managed to win the Best Painted Army-prize, something I am really proud of, as the competition was very tough this year.